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Why is the brand called Taste & Glory?

It’s simple. Taste because it’s mouth-meltingly meaty. Glory because our food is gloriously gorgeous.   

Are the products suitable for children?

Taste & Glory is perfectly suitable for children and even the youngest of people will find our meat-free range totally irresistible! Please do check the packaging for the nutritional and allergen information.  

What serving suggestions do you recommend?

The possibilities are endless! Simply swap Taste & Glory into your favourite meaty recipes without any fuss or faff. Head on over to the mouth-watering Recipe page for ideas and simple cooking guidelines. 

Can you put the Sausages, Quarter Pounders and Tenderstrips on the BBQ?

Taste & Glory Sausages, Quarter Pounders and Tenderstrips are lip-smackingly triumphant on the BBQ! 

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Are your products suitable for vegans?

Absolutely! All Taste & Glory products are registered by the Vegan Society and are prepared in a meat- and dairy-free dedicated vegan production facility. 

What exactly are they made from?

The main ingredients in our products is expertly seasoned soya and wheat protein. Soya beans are known for being low in saturated fat and high in protein.  These proteins are hydrated, mixed and formed to make our epic meat-free range.   

Are your products made in the same factories as the meat products?

Nope! Everything in the Taste & Glory range is manufactured in the UK at our dedicated vegan production facility. All Taste & Glory products are registered with the Vegan Society. 

Why are they meat replacements? Couldn’t you have used vegetables?

Lots of meat eaters who are trying to cut down the amount of meat they eat love the taste and texture of succulent, moreish meat and so we want Taste & Glory to be a crowd pleaser! We developed the products to mimic meat in the closest possible way and we believe what we’ve achieved really hits the spot. 

Do your products contain preservatives?

Our products are free from preservatives.  

Are any nuts used during the production process?

Taste & Glory products do not contain nuts and are made in a nut-free environment.


Are your products produced sustainably?

Taste & Glory products are made from soya protein. Soya as a raw material has a lower impact on the environment than meat. To grow 1kg of soy requires approximately 35-40% less water than 1kg of pig meat (70% less water than beef). Our soya is sustainably sourced from approved quality suppliers.   

Are all the ingredients GM free?

Our Taste & Glory ingredients are GM free. 

Is palm oil used in your products?

No, we do not use palm oil in any of our products. 

Is your packaging recyclable?

The paper parts of the Taste &  Glory range are biodegradable and the sleeves and trays are widely recyclable. 


I’m overseas, can I buy Taste & Glory?

Unfortunately, our Taste & Glory range is not available outside the UK.

Will the range roll out to other stores?

Keep an eye our across our social media pages as all exciting announcements, including supermarket stockists, will be revealed there.  

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